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  • Jennifer is a self proclaimed country girl born and raised in Northern California. After joining social media, Jenny met a farmer from North Dakota. She followed her heart all the way to the rural prairies of ND where she is now married to that farmer. Besides spending time with her farmer, Jenny can be found with a camera in hand capturing the world around her, loves the challenges of bringing culture to the North Dakota prairie through a variety of culinary creations, and using her interior design degree to flip their bachelor pad into a home. All of this and more can be found on her photography blog:
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We all know that saying "April Showers Bring May Flowers..." But what do May showers bring..? I'm not sure besides lots of cranky farmers. 


10 Day Forecast .jpg.jpg


So far this spring, we have been getting lots of rain and cool temperatures. It's been maybe a day or two where we saw above 60 degrees. Certainly, things could be worse. We could be getting some of that dreaded S-word. 


Since it's been cold, the frost deep in the soil has yet to go away... Add rain on top of that and you've got LOTS of standing water with nowhere to go. Yesterday, my husband and I drove around to check some fields. I was amazed at how much water is standing around. For some fields, it will be a while before we can plant. The ducks are sure loving it! 


Flooded Fields.jpg.jpg.jpg


With rain and cold temperatures in the forecast for much of this week, things aren't looking promising. We still have about a third of our wheat left to seed then it's onto corn. With the majority of farmers planting 3-4 crops in our area, we require 20-30 days in the field planting. I am pretty sure we haven't even gotten half of that..


Wheat Plant 2014 8.jpg


Speaking of wheat, we dug some up yesterday... It's been in the ground for nearly 9 days... And this is all the growth we've seen on it. But the cold doesn't seem to be hindering the weeds, plenty of fields are showing green growth. With all this rain, once the sun comes out, we will have some serious work to do. 


But I guess such is the life a farmer... always anxious, always predicting, and always wanting the opposite of the weather we are getting... Most of the time it seems like we are praying for rain... This time, we are praying for it to stop raining!  


It certainly has been an interesting spring...Let's hope we can get back to this soon.... 


Farm Wife Realities .png.png


How has the weather been in your area? Unsual? I know there have been lots of storms and tornados. I hope everyone is staying safe! 


Spring on the North Dakota Prairie

by Jennifer_Dewey on ‎04-09-2014 10:01 AM

I am hesitant to call it because it's North Dakota and honestly, it could snow at anytime! But lately we've been enjoying some nice spring-like weather. It's been welcomed especially since last week around this time we were just getting over another blizzard. Springtime is one of my favorite times of the year. There's something about spring that makes everything feel renewed. Here's what has been going on during spring time on the prairie.... 


The Thaw




The snow melts, the lakes thaw, water is flowing everywhere, the grass and plants we haven't seen for several months are finally revealed... It's the mark of a new season on the farm, the beginning of another year. The planting, growing, and harvest of last year is behind us. As the weather gets warmer each day, we itch to get in the fields. To start a new year, full of possibilties. 


Equipment Comes Out




We pull equipment out that has been stored for the winter. We take equipment apart, work on it, replace parts that need to be replaced... We knock the dust off, shine it up, and leave no trace of the year before. We ensure everything is ready, ready for the new year.


We Check Fields

Wheat Field April 2014.jpg



We drive around, look at fields, assess conditions. Is all the snow gone? Is it too wet? What's the soil temperature? Can we plant yet? We worry, we check the weather, and we pray... Is it too soon? Is it too late? 


Mud. Enough Said.

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 2.09.27 PM.png



As the weather gets warmer, the sun comes out, the snow melts... And it brings mud. We curse the mud but yet welcome it with open arms because it means no more snow. We work through out, we work around it, and we get done what needs to get done much like the rest of the year... Spring has a tendency to leave things a little dirty around here. 



Spring has sprung here on the North Dakota prairie, but it's not time for planting yet... Until then... we will be dreaming of images like this... 


We dream of planting



What does spring look like in your neck of the woods? What have you been up to?