Women in Ag: Talkin' Turkey with Lara Durben

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Women in Ag: Talkin' Turkey with Lara Durben

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As Christmas week kicks off, I spent the day baking pans and pans of cinnamon rolls (The Pioneer Woman's fabulous recipe!), playing Christmas carols on the piano, and checking my gift list twice to make sure we're ready for the week ahead.


I'm ready to slow down a little, take a few days off from work, and spend time with family, celebrating the season.

Tuesday night I'll have my own little Christmas with my husband and son. We're planning to cook up some steaks after I get home from work and then we'll open our gifts around the Christmas tree. (Yes, we do eat more than turkey at my house. 🙂 But no worries for any of my poultry peeps, I'm already planning to deep fry a turkey for New Year's Eve!)


On Christmas Eve, we'll travel to my father-in-law's home, where my husband's family will gather, kids will run around until it's time to open gifts, and there will be Christmas cookies galore to snack on. Then on Christmas Day, we'll drive to my parent's home on the farm and have another delicious meal, more sweets and even more presents.


We are blessed. And for me, there is nothing that beats spending Christmas on the farm.


On behalf of my family, I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and hope you are able to take some time to relax, amidst the never-ending farm work and other commitments, and savor the special moments of the week.


It's the little things that count and the blessings of family, friends and farm that mean the most to so many of us.


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