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3 acres: enough to build a farm?

I recently came into possession of a bit of land in CT. If I'm gonna keep this land, I have to put it to work. Is 3 acres enough land to set up a profitable farm? I was thinking a combination berry/herb garden. 


Before you all say it, I'm gonna say it myself: I have no idea what I'm doing. 


I'm here to find out if this is a feasible idea or not. What initial investment would I need to clear the land and buy a tractor? I'd probably want to build a sizable greenhouse for the herbs. I'm aware that getting up with the sun is not an optional part of this, and that I need to be disciplined. That part isn't hard for me. 


So, any advice for me? Is it possible for me to grow enough on 3 acres that the land would pay for it's own taxes at least? What are the most profitable/most reliable crops?