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Re: Land renting - New and dont know anything

Thank you very much for your input. I still need to build some capital before I start any of this, but more importantly I need more sources. Is there a "becoming a wealthy land baron for dummies"? What about location/distance from nearest community. I would want my potential tenants to have the easiest time possible moving their hard worked products to buyers. I dont want to buy a chunk of property but the only way to it is an hour long atv ride over the hills. What is most desired/required of farmable land aside from good soil and predictable weather? How underdevoped the land is to much to be sellable? Or does that not matter as long as theres grass, cattle, and a local butcher? Again thank you for your help. Also im stuck in alaska for a few months and I live in puyallup wa, most farms are being turned into rows of town houses, or are not nearly big enough for the animals people have in them. Ide have to do some driving to get to an auction.