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Re: Land renting - New and dont know anything

There isn`t a "Being a Land Baron for Dummies" book that I know about  Smiley Happy though I`ve said a hundred times that if some of these 10 cent millionaires around here wrote a book on "How I did it" I would definitely buy a copy.  Smiley Happy


Land in the Pacific northwest of renting out cattle grazing lands is way outside my wheelhouse. But just some general things to consider is property taxes, as governments get more liberal and of course unsustainable, more services will be shifted to the local levels, therefore federal and state promises will eventually be funded off of property taxes.  So to buy property in a sensible conservative area where the local politicians won`t put up with that crap is a plus. 


Another thing is land  payments, if you finance it will come from "after tax dollars", which can be tough as I can attest to right now personally.   Uncle Sam thinks you make +$100,000 income but after your "child support" also known as "farm payments", there isn`t much left after feeding both your uncle AND your banker. 


But the best of Luck to you  Smiley Happy