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Re: Thoughts on the new USDA commitment to helping the next gen. of farmers/ranchers?

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If they are from the government and they assure you that they have come to help; I would take their offer as the first indication to become worried, very worried. Please see other examples of govenment agencies, government appointees, and any "help" that they might provide below:


[2008 New Black Panther Party voter intimidation case, Fast&Furious, Lois Learner/John Koskinen's IRS, the DOJ, the VA, Obamacare, Hillary Clinton's private email server for transporting classified government documents, Benghazi, NSA, TSA, EPA, OPM's failure to protect government employee personal information, Secret Service, Susan Rice, Valarie Jarrett, Jeh Johnson's Homeland Security, Eric Holder's & James Clapper's perjury before congress (without consequence), illegal wiretapping of Fox & AP news reporters (without consequence), undeclared/unauthorized wars with Libya, Murderous Islamic terrorism in this country that the government dare not call...well...Islamic terrorism, a $19 trillion nation debt and still growing, a flatlining economy, dormant commodity prices, Dismal race relations in Ferguson, Baltimore, Chicago, Cleveland, Philadelphia, etc.]


Help from the government you say? Exactly which part of this government were you thinking about asking for help?