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Re: Thoughts on the new USDA commitment to helping the next gen. of farmers/ranchers?

I agree with the "niche" type of farming, to a point. You have to find a niche that works for you, and also you do need a functioning economic system that allows prices to fluctuate to allow poor managers to go broke and exit to make the way for better managers. Our current dysfunctional system is not set up that way with unlimited subsidies for crop guarantees. Target or eliminate the subsidies and the younger guys will have a much better chance.


A guy working off the farm should be able to save enough money to buy a few acres and get into farming on a limited scale if that is what his heart desires. $12000 per acre land just about guaranteed that was never going to happen....maybe $4000 or $5000 per acre land will help a few get in. need a stable money supply or saving doesn't work at all. 


I also agree with of the three biggest lies ever told....."I'm from the govt,and I'm here to help you".