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Re: Tips for building up a beef cattle herd

I would add:

Get BQA certified.  Helps you do a better job with the herd, and is necessary for some selling promotions. 

Join your Cattlemen's Association, for educational and networking purposes. 

Get involved with a Grassland Council.  If possible, attend a grazing school, to learn how to develop and utilize forages. 

Connect with Cooperative Extension, for information that costs you nothing at all.  (They do BQA training and other events here.)

Learn about risk management for cattlemen.  We insure our herd for all perils.  With rustling on the rise, it is a necessary evil. 

Study the terminology and learn rules of thumb from the pros...we just went back into beef cows after a 20-year hiatus, and were never looking as much at quality before.  I had to start learning what EPDs are, start transferring what I know about carcass merit from hogs to cattle, etc. 

Find a good vet who specializes in large food animals.  Not as easy as you might think in some areas. 

Be sure you can handle animals so they are safe, and the humans working them are safe, too. 


If you don't already, learn to love cows.  The main thing my husband learned at BQA was to walk among your herd daily...not just drive by and wave.  It is in his genes, as his Daddy was a real cattleman from way back, but not everyone has it in them to be patient, calm and develop a relationship with your animals.