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Re: What Young Farmers Want

Jim, I have to ask why you would randomly kick a hornets nest? In this case the hornets nest is nearly empty. Multi-generation farms have done a great job of keeping young farmers out of production agriculture. Land availability is a WAY different ball game now than it was 20 years ago. Try being a 35 year old 150 acre farmer at a land auction with an average $40,000 off farm income trying to bid against well established multi-million dollar operations or an investment group like Ceres. Thats why I don't mind low prices. Some of the big guys are starting to let go of the small 10 or 20 acre pieces of undesireble land across the fence.  


I don't see farming as a noble cause, so I can't get behind writing off student debt just because somebody wants to be a farmer. Uncle Sam already has a similar program for young adults. I do however think retiring farmers should give a young farmer a chance, especially if the young farmer is willing to take a bit of advice. Farming is a long term business that does not take a college degree. Farming does however take somebody with a good character, a strong financial will and a certain stubbornness to not give up when times get tough.