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Re: What Young Farmers Want

It is dangerous for the "dreamers".... this environment of fad and gadget farming promotion by non farming experts.

Farming has always been a lifetime of dedication for very long term reward that may only turn out to be respect rather than cash.

But these enviro/social change promotions can end with no reward, and as in the case of education debt forgiveness, can just be a means to an end that has nothing to do with farming or food production, but is legislative manipulation in goal.

It is a subtle trap, even on the Hallmark channel the chef walks down the street to the urban farmers market and finds freshness and flavor like nowhere else in the agriculture world.  And a kid can create this in a shipping container(with artificial lighting and a drop cord........ Now he has more "difficult to explain" debt.


It is not just agriculture..... we have created an environment where startups in any field have have a near impossible task.