Got another question, oil pressure this time.

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Got another question, oil pressure this time.

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Got another question, oil pressure this time.

I have a 4430 with 7000 hrs, doesn`t use a drop of oil.  A couple yrs ago the oil pressure gauge developed a "quiver" on the needle, I use it for light duty work and if it had a "idiot light" you`d never know it had a problem.  Is the problem perhaps the gauge, given that the motor is tight?   I use JD 15-40 oil, change every 60-70 hrs.


Also, I have a truck with a 427 Chevy motor, the oil pressure is good at speed or "cold" but warm and idling it drops to 22lbs, it`s done that for years and been okay.  Mechanics that I talk to say "that is normal with that motor".  I use the recommended 10w-30 oil.  It just seems to me that 22lbs is scary low, but again if it was a idiot light, you`d never know.   Thank you.

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4430 could be a poor connection of the wire to the sending unit. Could be the sending unit itself. Turn it out and screw in a gage. Bet if you did it would stay stable.


427: remember the pressure is only low while it is at idle, doesn't need much then.

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