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BIG News

The Environmental Protection Agency is removing the registration for Dow AgroSciences’ Enlist Duo herbicide. EPA announced, in a court filing Tuesday, it will take this action based upon “synergistic effects” between glyphosate and 2,4-D, the herbicides that make up Enlist Duo. Gill Gullickson will have more on soon.

The question I have is whether you are sitting on some Enlist Duo? And, will you be able to use it next spring? How will this affect your operation?


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Re: BIG News

Mike, more than likely nobody is sitting on a large quantity of Enlist. It was tried on a limited amount of farms and the grain harvested was only to be fed to livestock. It seems the EPA and consumers want agriculture to take a step backwards. That's ok but they need to be willing to pay a premium for food in the future. We are running out of cheap, easy to use products to control weeds.

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